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Where Luxury Resorts Reign


Within the luxurious embrace of the Maldives, discerning travelers find themselves spoiled for choice with an array of opulent options that cater to every desire. 

Here, an array of exceptional resorts unveils a tapestry of indulgence, each weaving a distinct story of lavish living. From those that celebrate holistic wellness, offering rejuvenation in pristine seclusion, to others that embrace art and culture, igniting the spirit of creativity against a backdrop of turquoise allure. Some stand as icons of eco-conscious opulence, while others beckon with exclusive offerings and personalized service. As day gives way to star-studded night, these resorts transform into sanctuaries of sophistication, inviting those who seek the extraordinary to experience the Maldives in a symphony of unparalleled luxury.

Allow us to introduce a compilation of our preferred resorts in the Maldives.


  • Seaplane transfers operate during daylight hours only, between 0600hrs & 1600hrs

  • Some upscale resorts have their own private seaplanes 

  • Commercial seaplanes may stop en-route at other destinations before arriving at your resort

  • Resorts that are closer to Male use speedboats for transfers but that does not mean travel time will be shorter

  • Baggage allowance on seaplanes is 25 kg per person, including hand luggage.

  • CIP service at the airport: Receive clients when disembarking from the aircraft, immigration clearance, clear baggage, CIP lounge, and escort to designated transport. This service costs around  250 USD  per person.

  • Some islands operate one hour ahead of Male. This is usually done to give guests an extra hour of daylight in the evenings

  • You cannot bring alcohol into the Maldives

  • Peak season is from early December to March  (but Mona would go anytime of the year)

  • Taking seashells with you is illegal

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