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This is Mona aka Monz, the creator of our company. 

Mona is based in Dubai but usually runs the company from the road. She turned her passion into her career in 2013 by co-founding "Pomalo Travel" in Jordan and Dubai, and then went on to create the brand "Monz Travel" in 2022.

Mona has first-hand travel experience, quality connections in the travel industry, and that is why her customers and colleagues trust her recommendations, experience and trip design. 

Traveling enhanced Mona's life in so many ways, she started traveling solo in order to be able to travel more and gain more. Her desire is to inspire you to change your life too. Most people want to better their lives, and of course the number one aim is a healthier body and mind. It has been verified scientifically that TRAVEL has health benefits. So we are here to act as a bridge for you to change your story in order to change your life to the better. 

"Monz Travel" is a boutique luxury travel design company. Whatever type of trip you are dreaming of, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today and we’ll take care of the rest for a better you.



Yasmin is also a Travel Designer, based in Amman, Jordan, and has been working with us since 2017. She has been an integral part of creating those memorable travel experiences around the world in the past few years. Now she is handling our incoming operation in Jordan, or as we like to call "JOdyssey". 

Yasmin's parents own and run a successful tour operator in Jordan, so she was raised to be an explorer and traveller with a travel-business mindset. 

This is what our most recent clients had to say: "a superb travel experience in the midst of a pandemic that has been fraught with challenges. Thank you for making sure that this trip went as well as it did". "Yasmin gave us great service throughout our time (in Jordan)".

You will be in good hands when you visit our beloved Jodan.

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